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My brother: Did you know gay porn stars get paid more than straight ones?

Me: Are you considering it as a career?

Brother goes on to deny it while I’m laughing my ass off, but then continues in good humor.

My brother: I’m just keeping my options open. How else am I going to pay for college?

One Direction gets pranked into fake baby delivery XD

This is just too funny…..I’m am falling more and more in love with Harry’s voice


One of the best license plates I have ever seen XD

You have not lived until you have seen this

Not sure if students actually like the rec center

Or just came because it was free

Not sure if students actually like the rec center

Or just came because it was free

I’ve only seen the first episode of Teen Wolf so far and I’m already in love with Stiles.

He is such a spaz XD

I think I haven’t watched it till now because it was badly promoted.

I mean, the first promotions that came out for the pilot made me think that the show was gonna be corny and a flop.

Just goes to show, never judge a book by its cover.

Zac Efron unhooking bras……on Jimmy Kimmel………… know you want to XD

Go to 13:30 to see Brenton Thwaites XD

So adorable and funny, as per usual. <3

Ellen Pregnant Dance Dares XD

Hysteria: history of the vibrator XD

XD Josh Hutcherson you make me laugh to the point of no words :D I would very much like to meet you one day, and possibly have your children…………….no just kidding on the last part………….of course we would get married first ;)

Conan O'Brien Stares At Nicole Scherzinger's Cleavage Conan Takes A Peek

Conan O’Brien Stares At Nicole Scherzinger’s Cleavage Conan Takes A Peek


oh conan XD